Benefits of Using a Dry Ice Blasting Technology in Cleaning

Dry ice blasting has become a more practical and cheap alternative than traditional cleaning procedures such as sand, soda or water blasting as well as manual cleaning with solvents, thanks to recent technological advancements. A variety of industries today such as food processing, plastics and molded products, aerospace and general maintenance are adopting this new technology of cleansing. In addition, it can be used for a number of tasks from delicate cleanings, such as removing flux from electronic circuit boards to heavy sanitation such as clearing slag off automotive assembly rails. Below are some of the main advantages of cleaning with dry ice.

Fast and Effective

Dry ice blasting can minimize cleaning time and expenses when compared to manual cleaning using chemicals and a wire brush. You may clean your equipment with dry ice blasting and eliminate the need to dismantle and reassemble huge complicated apparatus. Furthermore, the CO2 blasting process cleans molds and nooks that are difficult to reach by hand and die in place. As a result, the equipment operates more effectively and possible leaks are identified that potentially avoid significant system breakdowns. Downtime is kept to a minimum, labor costs are cut and productivity is boosted.

No Wet Operation

Dry ice blasting is a dry process because it employs harmless CO2 pellets instead of chemicals. Dry ice diverts and turns into carbon dioxide gas when it comes into contact with water. Certain businesses may require this in order to comply with environmental rules or increase worker safety. Blasting is also non-conductive and acceptable for electrical installations where utilizing water is not recommended or permitted. With CO2 blasting, there are no concerns about toxicity.

Eliminate Waste

Other cleaning processes, such as solvents, sandblasting or other ways turn the cleaning agent into secondary contamination that must be disposed of with the initial contaminate as toxic waste. Because the CO2 pellet vaporizes when it comes into contact with the contaminant, the only waste created by dry ice blast cleaning is the pollutant itself. Generally, the clean-up from your present cleaning approach is frequently worse than the cleaning. However, dry ice eliminates secondary waste, which solves the problem. Dry ice pellets complete the job and then vanish, saving you extra money on disposal compared to alternative materials. Therefore, by using this kind of technology can lead to significant waste reduction.

Avoid Impairment

Sandblasting has an aggressive and abrasive effect on the surface. They can actually remove a portion of the surface and drastically alter the surface structure. Dry ice’s non-abrasive nature means it will not harm delicate parts or production equipment, extending the equipment’s usable life and reducing the risks of substandard products. It removes the impurities. And because equipment can now be cleaned in place, there is no risk of probable harm from transporting it to and from a specific cleaning location.

Safe and Friendly

Dry ice cleaning is a green procedure that cleans a surface with microscopic pellets of recovered carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is then taken by trees and plants and converted it to carbon and oxygen that provide benefits to the environment, your staff and your manufacturing facility.

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