Language Lesson Integration

Good thing, we have now lots of resources about making the earth a better location to live in. Inclusivity mantra. Yes, when we want peaceful world, all– no exceptions– should have their safe spaces, and nary a challenge about their uniqueness be taken against them, by those bullies around.

Ignorance is rampant.

Even those who find themselves so-called within the position of power. Sad thing, lots previously suffered from their excesses. Lots happen to be victims of these greed, mal-education and so forth.

Good riddance to individuals who have gone, bring along your prejudices and narrow-mindedness.

Sustainable Development Goals are fantastic ways toward creating this world livable to everyone beings, besides the majority who thinks they can be privileged for being condescending, favored which enable it to always log off the hook of these wrongdoings.

As conscientious person, this need to be things to decide on. Why are there those who are selfish, hateful and greedy; yet, pretending to become good, and kind and sane?

So with regards to help global initiative gaining momentum in sharing wisdom about making the planet a better spot to all, teachers are fantastic advocates in this overcoming ignorance mantra, and let action toward global warming, poverty, pollution, overpopulation and so on be done. Yes, in this hands lie the solutions to everyone our woes, especially this hard time where COVID-19 is wrecking havoc to the sanity, economy plus the whole shebang of the existence.

Here are doable lesson integration of SDGs 2030, and beyond.

  1. Manipulative

Deck of cards with printed SDG symbols about them can be a lots of fun in the language lesson. Pick one card and tell a thing, phrase or sentence regarding it. This way, just starting out English learner could practice his/her speaking skills, all night . fun with learners around. More with this type of classroom game could be achieved; yes, they’re having deep learning if they can share their very own insights about these 17 wisdom toward creating awareness and that knows, they can be advocates too inside the near future.

  1. Writing Stories or Poems

Say, after having a video has become presented to them about tsunami wrecking havoc into a coastal country or what, flooding or landslide beginning caught by video-camera or what, students could write their particular insight around the importance of conserving natural resources as opposed to letting those with insatiable appetite for power, money and influence ransack the forest for logging purposes, mountainous areas for mining purposes, and the like and so forth. We have an abundance of stories where most of these abuses in our environment are happening hourly everyday despite the effort of the people protecting them from such selfish and abusive individuals.

  1. Role Playing

Stories or news on war, conflict as a consequence of different beliefs and all sorts of are good avenues for college students to gain insights on social and political dynamics. Yes, when anyone is subjected to the real scenario, hardship people face in areas with war, political conflict etc, they might empathize using sad plight, and may do something toward impending war or conflict. It takes a courageous anyone to lit a fireplace of enlightenment, a bit action for making others see what’s coming, and much more actions which can have impact to any or all sane people and aid. In the search for peaceful world– free from violence through acts of terrorism, hatred and so forth, each global citizen carries a chance to do my part, be a real estate agent of change and bearer of light against ignorance and all of.

Well, a great deal of wisdom will surely be taken from learning global issues, tackling ways in order to contribute to this global effort toward a greater world, better living plus much more meaningful journey, per and everyone.

What it requires for us to perform is to get open to change. It might be key toward getting society kinder, saner and better–for many of us.

Language Lesson Integration

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