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The Top Five Holiday-Inspired Movies to Help You Fight Writers Block

Talk to any freelancer or writer, and they will tell you a writers block is their worst nightmare. The writers block affects all writers and not necessarily fiction writers as many have been misled to believe. From professional bloggers to fiction writers, content creators and all else in between they are prone to having this feeling at some point in their career. Be advised that this is a serious feeling that can have serious ramifications in a writers life, reason enough to take it seriously. But the good news is there are ways you can fight this writers block and get your writer mojo back on track. Check out a list of the top five highly recommended holiday movies that are sure to inspire you to get back on track.

Friday After the Next should be top on your list as you check out and compile a list of holiday films to watch. This is a story that features Craig and Day Day who have to duck and dodge the bad guys for them to survive. The Craig and Day Day characters are acted by Ice Cube and Mike Epps, and if you are a fan of the Friday Movies Trilogy, this is one you shouldnt want miss this reason.

Second on your must-watch list of holiday movies features Die Hard. The release of this movie has been surrounded with lots of debate on its qualification as a holiday movie. If the newly released trailer is anything to go by, you have every reason to consider this movie. Die Hard brings out the Best of Bruce Willis who acts as John McClane and guarantees to get your creative juices flowing right after.

The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie is yet another classic that has been featured in every top-rated movie review website. Its a movie loved by many as Clark and His family portray a dysfunctional family that will leave you not just laughing but appreciating the family that you have. Among many other things this movie will do is to inspire you to stay focused and positive no matter how tough things might get.

Movie star Will Ferrell also has something for you in the name of Elf for your holiday-inspired list of movies to check out. This movie amalgamates the Christmas Spirit with Ferrells innocent humor that is sure to leave you appreciative of your family. And last but not least we have the timeless Home Alone that you can watch over and over and still feel like the best family comedy ever in history. It is great motivation when you feel like everything is against you.