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Home Remedies to Use When Your Feet Are Sore

About 80 percent of the population in America tends to experience chronic sore feet at one point in their lives. The athletes are even more prone to such issues. You can be having sore feet because of various reasons. If you are an athlete, however, your feet are essential for your everyday work. You should, however, know that you do not need a lot of money for you to use a lot of cash to tend to your sore feet. Some DIY remedies from home could help you have some relief and will not take a lot of effort. Some solutions that could be used from home have been listed in the article.

You can begin by soaking the feet. Soaking feet is an old remedy and is among the easiest ways to relieve pain. You will require two bowls filled with water. One of the bowls should have cold water and the other hot water. Begin by putting your feet in the cold water then switching to the hot bowl after about five minutes. Doing this will aid in the increase of circulation and reduce the pain you are experiencing.

Essential oils can also be used to relieve pain from your feet. You cannot ignore how famous essential oils are as they have been used since the days of the Egyptians. They tend to contain anti-inflammatory properties thus reducing swelling and pain. Using small quantities of these oils are sure to offer a huge impact. Adding the oils to your soak is one way you use them. Also, rubbing them into the sore areas can be beneficial.

Another remedy you to get relief is by massaging the feet. When your feet get massaged, then the flow of blood will be increased, and you will have relaxed body tissues. Additionally, the knots in your muscles, which could be causing the pain, will be untangled. As the muscles in your feet will be relaxed, you will get to be more flexible. You can massage using the anti-inflammatory oils such as sesame oil. When you combine this with the essential oils, then you will have a powerful remedy for your aching feet. If you are not a fan of touching the feet, you can use a roller massager.

It will also be good for you to examine your shoes. Failing to wear the proper shoes can be a great source of sore feet. If your shoe does not fit right, then this will put extra pressure on your feet. You will need to replace your shoes if they are worn. You can get comfort when you are having rough mornings when you get the best slippers for plantar fasciitis.